Stance and Stepping

Footwork is your base - without it you will be in trouble

  • 23 minutes
  • Fundamentals


Footwork is the foundation of all stand-up fighting. Improving footwork will support everything else you do. Lack of good footwork is the mail reason for people loosing fights. Good footwork helps with positioning, controlling distance, timing, balance and stability, economy of motion, speed, power generation, agility, fluidity and adaptability.

Chin Hau Ma – walking stance

Walking stance (one foot forward, one foot back)

Dan Bin Ma – short step

Short step (the basic single-side-step)

Ji Gee Ma

Zig Zag Step (the basic changing angle step)

Jing San Ma

The long step with frontal body. The basic “side-changing-step”

Peng Ma – the straight stance

The horizontal stance (standing on one line perpendicular to your opponent)

Pin San Ma

The Body sideward step (the longest step).

Sap Gee Ma – cross step

Gross Step (the basic sideward step with just one leg)

Juen Ma – turning stance

The turning stance explained in this video.

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